Timber Window Shutters

Timber Plantation Shutters in Melbourne

Timber window shutters are very popular among Melbourne homeowners, providing a timeless elegance that can greatly increase the appeal of any home. They can also help to improve comfort and convenience, as well as offering complete privacy and full control over the amount of light that enters through them.

The natural wooden materials used to manufacture both external timber plantation shutters and timber window shutters for internal use are environmentally friendly, look beautiful in any room, can withstand long term exposure to the sun, and even have beneficial insulation properties to help keep your interiors at a comfortable temperature. Available from Fantastic Blinds & Shutters, these beautiful and functional natural timber plantation shutters come in white, black and many other colours, making them an excellent addition to any area.

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Suitable for Interior & Exterior Areas

Timber plantation shutters can be installed on interior windows in any room of your house. They perfectly complement living rooms, can withstand the gruelling conditions of a kitchen, and can make any bedroom feel warm and comfy. No matter which room you want to install wood plantation shutters in, you’re sure to find the perfect solution to complement any space.

Timber window shutters for external use are also a popular choice, with our outdoor timber planation shutters specially designed to withstand the elements and stay looking great for years to come. External timber plantation shutters can make your house look more appealing from the outside and help to better insulate your home against the often unpredictable Melbourne weather.

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Our Guarantees

We offer guarantees to provide our customers with peace of mind knowing they’re making the best choice.

7 Year Warranty on All of Our Products

Should any structural failure occur within 7 years, we’ll repair your shutters or blinds at no cost.

Perfect-Fit Guarantee

Our perfect-fit guarantee ensures your new shutters or blinds will fit perfectly onto your windows.

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Customers Review

Our Process




One of our design consultants will work with you to understand your requirements and will help you choose the right materials and solution that suits your space.




We will provide an exact quote that covers the cost of manufacturing & installing your new shade system. Any additional charges will be discussed prior to commencing any work.



Check Measurements

Once the quote has been approved, we will drawings and/or 3D renders using the colours, patterns, materials and dimensions you've chosen with your consultant.




When you have approved the designs, we will manufacture your shade system using state of the art technology in our Melbourne workshop according to your specifications.



Delivery & Installation

Our experienced technicians will book a suitable time with you to deliver and install your window covering or shade system while adhering to high professional standards.




Our technicians will give you a quick demonstration on how to use your new window covering and/or shade system. This includes using any automation app or motorized systems




You are now the proud owner of the best window coverings and/or shade systems so enjoy your updated space while shielding yourself from the harsh Melbourne conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use a soft dusting cloth to get in between each shutter to pick up dirt or dust, then slightly wet the cloth with water to gently scrub off any stubborn stains. Use a separate dry cloth to dry the shutters to stop them from warping or becoming damaged.

Yes, timber window shutters can eventually fade and crack after being exposed to the weather.

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